Baremetal to Serverless

At first there was the monolith running on bare-metal. Code revisions for this monstrosity were few and far between. Apart from being resource in-efficient, updating such an application required manual intervention and more often than not, downtime. Scaling these application was also not a trivial task. Generally, scaling required that... [Read More]

Making Gerrit play nice with JIRA

Having a seamless integration of the project management tool with your VCS just improves the overall productivity of your team. Apart from the obvious uses and benefits, it also increases visibility and promotes ownership. [Read More]


Recently, I explored more on the full-stack side of things. After getting some hands-on experience with Angular, I decided to learn application state management. The official solution from Angular is the @ngrx/store. We make use of this store very heavily in our most recent project. The project has a very... [Read More]