Istio - Breaking The Trace

In my previous blog-post about Istio, I described briefly what Istio service mesh is and what problems it solves. In this one, I’ll try to take a deeper look under the hood and identify some limitations of Istio service mesh. [Read More]

Performant Node.js Applications

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 engine and libuv’s asynchronous IO. It is primarily used for building backend services and APIs. Due to its very active community it has become one of the most popular server side frameworks. With the backing of npm, almost any kind... [Read More]

Istio Service Mesh

In my previous blog post, I described briefly what Kubernetes is, why it is gaining such a wide adoption and how it solves a multitude of problems and makes deployments of fault-tolerant, scalable and maintainable systems very easy. Seems like Kubernetes can solve all of the problems right? Almost, but... [Read More]

Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform. It deploys, configures and automatically scales containerized applications for dynamic workloads on distributed systems clusters. Kubernetes has its origins in Google. Google runs virtually everything in a container. Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, everything runs in a container. Lots of them, too.... [Read More]

Fully Automated Deployments on AWS Lambda

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments are the philosphies that dictate that changes in a software project should be made more often. Commits should be tested automatically, merged in a branch and should result in some form of a running application environment without any manual intervention. Gone are the days of... [Read More]