Oranges are orange, water is wet, and observability is a best SRE practice. Applications today comprise of multiple independent sub-systems in the form of distributed microservices, that are in the case of containerization, more ephemeral. Having visibility of these individual components, their performance and behaviors is key in designing and... [Read More]

Interplanetary Internet

What will the Internet look like when humanity has reached interplanetary status? With companies like SpaceX aspiring to land the first humans on Mars by 2024, we don’t have a lot of time to figure it out. Thankfully there has already been some development in this space. [Read More]

Circuit Breaking with Istio

Contrary to popular belief, failure is always an option. Totally reasonable in certain circumstances, as well. There exists no such thing as a perfect service. Every service will experience downtimes at different points in its life; under peak traffic, due to hardware failure or even caused by network partition. It... [Read More]

How The World Runs Tech

The World runs on technology. Modern society functions on the assumption that technology just works. Tech keeps our airplanes in the sky and our people across the globe in touch. When it works, we can have a pair of socks delivered at the doorstep and when it fails, a rocket... [Read More]